Last Modified: December 10, 2020

Effective: April 2, 2019

We ask that you read this privacy notice carefully, as it contains important information on who we are, how and why we collect, store, use, and share personal information, your rights in relation to your personal information and on how to contact us and supervisory authorities in the event you have a complaint.

1. Who is processing your information?

Curious Foxes (“We,” or “Us”) collects, uses and is responsible for certain personal information about you, as part of the Curious Foxes website and associated software applications (collectively, the “Service”).
For those in the European Union, we are regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) and we are responsible as controller of that personal information for the purposes of those laws.

2. What information do we collect, and how long do we keep it?

We collect information from or about you in the following ways: Information provided by you. If an online visitor submits information to Us, it will usually take the form of one of the following: (1) a consumer complaint, (2) surveys, (3) customer service or technical support. Information collected may include your name and/or e-mail address. We do not require this information to gain access to our websites.

Information we get or generate from your use of our games. We collect information related to your game play and in-game activity,

We usually retain information for only as long as necessary to provide you with products and an immersive entertainment experience. Exceptions are noted below.


Records of players' progress, history, stats, in-game purchases and interactions with other players. Game data are generated while a player plays our games.

Examples: Purchased item, unlocks, progression

Who has access to this type of information? Operations, Game Teams, Customer Service, Publishing and community of developers.

3. Why do we process your information?

Curious Foxes collects and uses your information for its core business and operational activities to provide you with the best quality of services and experiences. Our purposes are:

a) Performing core business activities and its operations

Gameplay Experience. Creating the well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences you can find within our epic games! This includes: Progress and History, Unlocks, and Purchased Items.

Examples of information used:​

  • ACTIVITY INFORMATION: Activity logs, timestamps, country

  • GAME DATA: Game stats, match history, quest in progress, Items a player has/can purchase

Customer Service. We provide you with personalised support to investigate and address any possible difficulty you might experience with our games. This includes: Customer Service Support, Customer Issue Resolution.

Examples of information used:

  • ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Email address, name

  • ACTIVITY INFORMATION: Activity log, timestamps, country, internet service provider, region

  • GEOLOCATION: IP address

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Case details, case history, complaint history, customer service chat logs, penalty history, submitted files

b) Debug to identify and repair errors that impair exiting intended

Troubleshooting / Diagnostics. We conduct troubleshooting and diagnostics to trace and correct failures in our products and services and use this information to prevent further or similar failures in the future. This includes: Troubleshooting / Diagnostics of Applications and Services, Reproduction of Customer Issues, Errors/issues Analytics.

Examples of information used:​

  • ACTIVITY INFORMATION: Activity logs, country, device information, language, region

  • GEOLOCATION: IP address

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Service Performance Speed report

4. What rights do I have?

Access my personal information:

You may be able to receive a report about the personal information We store about you.


You may have a right to request the deletion of some your personal information.


You may object to the processing of your personal information if you believe Curious Foxes doesn’t have the appropriate rights to engage in that processing or if you wish to ask Us not to process your personal information for direct marketing purposes.


You can correct your personal information if you feel it’s inaccurate. 

Restrict Processing:

You can request that your personal information no longer be processed in certain cases, for instance, when you exercise your right to object as described above. When objecting, you will be given an option to restrict processing.

For all this questions you can contact us via